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Our abs stimulators accelerates muscle gain while slimming belts gradually reduce your waist size, both resulting in an athletic, tapered build.

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Why the best in fitness choose Our Slimming Belts & Abs Stimulators?

Our Slimming Belts help you achieve the perfect physique! The belt works by gradually bringing in your waistline – resulting in an athletic, tapered build.

“This simple yet effective concept has helped our athletes win numerous bodybuilding and physique competitions” -Annica

These belts also offer a high level of back support & core stabilization. Helping to reduce back pain and improve posture, making these belts perfect for both training & recovery.

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Abs Stimulators are a real deal. It’s so easy to get an excellent six pack!

Our Ab Stimulators uses clinically proven high intensity neuromuscular electrical stimulation method to stimulate muscle gain, which delivers results:

  • 49% average increase in abdominal strength experienced by all users from 4 weeks.
  • 3.5cm average reduction in waistline size experienced by all users after 8 weeks.
  • 77% of users felt more positive about their shape after 8 weeks. (Read more about proof and the amazing EMS Muscle Stimulator!)

Welcome to! The home of fitness & body shaping tech. Our mission is to provide at the best wholesale price the best equipment for people who want get fit and stay in a good shape. Now offering Free World Wide Shipping On All Orders! Read more about us. -Mike & Liz

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